Florida Fishing –
What You Need To Know Befor Casting Off!

Fishing in Florida remains a favorite pastime but there are some things you need to know before casting off.

Here are some tips and restrictions from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Florida Fishing Licenses
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission requires that you obtain a freshwater or saltwater fishing license and have it with you while fishing. This includes all actions from casting a line to catching and releasing. A Saltwater fishing license is also required if you attempt to take any native or non-native marine organisims such as crabs, lobsters and marine plants from the ocean.

For several exemptions to the rules and more info visit myfwc.com/fishing

Florida Fishing Seasons & Regulations
Florida’s fishing laws help to manage natural resources and ensure the furture of fishing. Regulations vary based on the species and type of fishing. For a full list of seasons, visit myfwc.com/fishing.

Florida Public Boat Access
If you decide to head out on to the water without an experienced Florida fishing guide
you can easily access the water from more than 1,800 public boats ramps located around the state. Just go to myfwc.com/boatramps to find a convenieint boat ramp near you.